Top Freshpet Pet Food Products

Freshpet has been in the business of providing the healthiest pet food long enough to understand exactly what the pets need. Our foods are made to cater to the nutritional requirements of pets and provide the maximum amount of health benefits to your furry family members. Positive feedback from pet parents has been tremendously usefulin helping us develop recipes that are not only high on nourishment but are also favored by pets for their delicious taste.
Here is a list of the top Freshpet pet food products that you could consider buying for your pet:


Freshpet Dry Food Lover Reviews

I have two dogs and I have always fed them raw. However, I am a traveling salesperson and therefore need to travel a lot. Raw doesn’t always work for me and I was looking for dry food, especially while I was travelling. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure that raw diet alone was enough for my dogs. Before Freshpet, I was always on the lookout for the perfect, balanced and fresh diet for my dogs and whatever I tried turned out to be a disappointment in the end. I was feeding my dogs Freshpet refrigerated recipes when I realized that you make dry food too, I grabbed a bag. I wasn’t sure how the two would react but as soon as I put down the bowl, it was gone. Just like that, in a flash. I had to refill the bowl again. So two thumbs up to the Freshpet dry food. Now I don’t have to worry about the mess while travelling. Thanks guys!

Adventurous Food! Made of Tender Pieces of Fresh Chicken

“Meeting” Freshpet was a sheer coincidence. I was walking through aisles in our local Petsmart when I saw your refrigerator. I was feeling adventurous food! Made of Tender Pieces of Fresh Chicken, so I bought a bag of kibble, just to see how Jack would react to it. It was love at first bite for Jack! We have an elder dog as well, who when got the whiff of the new food, came running and started sniffing the bowl which had been emptied by then. The older dog has stomach issues. The Petsmart guy recommended Turkey roll for him. So I got that, and he’s over the moon too. That makes two very happy dogs in my house. And I owe it all to you Freshpet.

Thanks guys and please never stop making such good food!

Appreciation for Freshpet Food!

I appreciate that you’ve made such delicious foods for us. Before Freshpet, there were many food brands but they contained artificial fillers, dyes and all sorts of other harmful ingredients. Ever since you guys have entered the market, we’re healthier. My adopted pet baby sister, Coco Chanel is a very picky eater or at least she was till Freshpet came. But now when its meal time she can’t stop wagging her tail. She simply devours your food and licks the bowl clean. She is a rescue dog and serves as an emotional needs companion for our mother who is a two time cancer survivor.

Thank you Freshpet Dod Food

Freshpet Chicken and beef recipes for Pets

I just want to thank you for making your wonderful products available at a nearby store. Life has become a lot easier for me now. I am a veterinary technician and saw your refrigerator at our local BJ’s. The salesperson was very helpful in telling us about your products, what it carried, meaning ingredients and how it is different from other pet food brands. He was also nice enough to give us pamphlets to distribute at the animal hospital, where I work. I know there are many pet parents who are always looking for healthier choices for their pets. These pamphlets will definitely help them I am sure. Anyways I have two dogs at home and I got chicken and beef recipes for them. They absolutely love them. And your meals are cheaper than the canned food I was feeding them before. I am satisfied and happy with your food and will continue to be your customer. Well do I have a choice? My two dogs won’t let me, lol! I am thinking of switching my cat to Freshpet too. She has allergies and I am wondering whether Freshpet could help her with those. I would really appreciate if you could send us some more flyers or brochures, which I would like to give out to the people I know, friends, family and neighbors.

Thanks Freshpet for making an awesome pet food!

Dogs Coats are Shinier and Fuller! Excellent Freshpet PetFood

Imagine having multiple dogs, all with different food preferences. I don’t have to imagine – I have 3 dogs with different food preferences. Two of them are Malteses and extremely picky about what they eat. I am always trying to feed them healthy food but they’re seldom interested. The third is a Bichon Toby who always loved eating but lately started throwing up and biting his paws. Toby is a foster dog and we adopted him when he was 3 years old. He had many issues. We weren’t sure whether he was like this because of his past. Anyways, the vet recommended Freshpet Vital. It was a miracle. All three of them eating together and actually enjoying eating. Something I’d not seen in a while. It seems their allergies are gone too. Toby isn’t biting his paws anymore. Dogs’ coats are shinier and fuller, which tells you that they are healthier. I am not only being a responsible pet parents but also a thrifty parent because it is common sense – if you feed your pets healthy food, they’ll be less sick, which means fewer vet visits, you do the math. I only buy Freshpet for my babies.

How do I Know if My Dog is Overweight?

At the point when seen from over, your canine ought to have an unmistakable midsection, which resembles a delicate decrease between the rib-cage and hips. You ought to have the capacity to feel, yet not see, his ribs while setting your hands on the sides of his chest. In the event that your puppy’s ribs are appearing, he’s excessively thin. In any case, if he’s oval when seen from above, and has a wobbling tummy when seen from the side, he’s possible overweight.

In this matter perfect, complete and balanced nutrition diet is the Freshpet Vital & Freshpet Select.

Dog Food Recommendation! I only have one answer – FRESHPET Select

About 5 months ago, the love of my life, Angel, a Goldie, stopped eating. As a result she was losing weight and becoming lethargic. Like any concerned pet parent, I was worried and decided to take her to the vet. Before seeing the vet, I called up my girl friend who had had a same experience. She advised that I first change Angel’s diet and if that doesn’t work then take her to the vet. She was feeding her dog Freshpet Select. So I went to our local pet store and got Freshpet for her. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle – As soon as she sniffed the food she started barking with joy and practically inhaled the food. It is a non-brainer to say that she loved the food. This was as I said 5 months ago and even now she licks her lips whenever its meal time. Her coat is thicker and shinier now, there’s a shine in her eyes but most importantly I have my old playful Angel back. And that is all that matters to me. I cannot place a price tag on this. Now whoever asks for my dog food recommendation, I only have one answer – FRESHPET.

FreshpetReviews! Freshpet Select Tender Chicken with Garden Vegetables Roasted Meals

Bravo! Freshpet made a product which is so natural and fresh that my dog loves it! And I love serving him too since your recipes smell so good that I enjoy slicing them up. Thanks for making my dog’s and mine meal times extra special Freshpet.

FreshPet Vital Healthy Pet Food Reviews!

Dog trainer can tell you better what role of food, especially diet plan plays main role in training a dog. As a dog trainer I am always very careful what to serve to the dogs and cats I train. Finding the perfect balance is always very hectic the treat needs to healthy so far delicious, which is very sensational for the pets, etc. It must also be economical. I train pets of people of all households, so money substances. Your pet treats check all the boxes for me  delightful, healthy and economical. I recommend Freshpet Vital and Freshpet Select healthy food to all of my clients.

Vital Grain Free Beef & Bison Dog Food Recipe with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries

This recipe comes in slice and serve rolls, which are available in 1lb, 2lb and 5lb packs. It contains healthy proteins obtained from beef and bison and is rich inspinach, cranberries and blueberries. Other ingredients include salt, natural flavors, inulin, dried ground broccoli, dried ground pomegranate and flaxseed oil.
The recipe is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, vitamin D3, Folic acid, Biotin, Calcium Carbonate, Manganese Proteinate, etc.
This Freshpet recipe has been favored by many customers who happen to have the pickiest pets, thanks to its delicious taste.

Freshpet Select Tender Chicken with Crisp Carrots & Leafy Spinach Cat Food Recipe

This is one of Freshpet’s roasted meal recipes that come in 1lb and 2lb re-sealable bags. It contains bites of fresh chicken along with real carrots and spinach. Other ingredients include ocean whitefish, eggs, pea protein, vinegar, pea fiber, salt, potassium chloride, celery powder, taurine and beta-carotene. In addition, the product contains a large number of vital vitamins and minerals.
Customers who bought this product noted positive changes in the overall health of their cats, including weight, body condition and digestive issues.

Freshpet dog food reviews

This recipe comes in slice and serve rolls, which are available in 1lb, 1.5lb and 6lb packs. This is a highly nutritious diet containing chicken, chicken liver and chicken broth, along with different vegetables. This is a brown rice and rice bran based recipe that contains vitamins E, B12 and D3, among others.
Owners of senior pets were particularly happy with how energetic and enthusiastic their pets seemed after eating this food. You can read their responses in the Freshpet dog food reviews section on the website.

Vital Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Egg With Cranberries & Spinach Dog Food Recipe

This is one of Freshpet’s complete meal recipes that come in packs of 1.75lb, 3lb and 5.5lb. With 80% animal protein in the form of chicken, beef and salmon, Freshpet Dog Food recipe is practically another name for nutritious strength. Other ingredients contained in this recipe include peas, natural flavors, salt, vinegar, inulin, beta-carotene, dried ground broccoli and dried ground pomegranate. The recipe also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.
Customers who bought this product praised it for the enthusiasm it was able to generate in their pets at meal times, among other things.

Freshpet Food

Vital Chicken, Ocean Whitefish & Egg Cat Food Recipe With Carrots & Spinach

This recipe is one of Freshpet’s complete meal recipes that are available in re-sealable bags of 1lb and 2lb. It is made with 80% animal protein, in the form of fresh chicken and ocean whitefish and contains other healthy ingredients such as pea proteins, celery powder and pea fiber. The recipe also contains vitamin E, vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.
Customers who own young, finicky eaters appreciated the positive changes this recipe brought about in their pet’s attitude towards food along with their general appearance.

Dog Joy Chicken Treats

This is one of the many treats that Freshpet offers to help you reward your pet’s good behavior. It is available in 8 oz. re-sealable pouchand is the best “yummy way” to treat your dog. It is made of real pieces of chicken that have a genuine barbecue taste and aroma that will get your dog is tail wagging. In addition, these treats are 100% all natural and made with juicy, slow grilled chicken.
Customers who bought this product loved how much their dogs appreciated the fine taste of these treats.

Freshpet Select Tender Chicken with Crisp Carrots & Leafy Spinach Dog Food Recipe

This is one of Freshpet’s roasted meals that come in packs of 1.75lb, 3lb and 5.5lb. This recipe is made of tender pieces of fresh chicken along with other healthy ingredients such as ground oats, eggs, rice bran, carrots, spinach, vinegar and celery powder. Besides these fine contents, this recipe also contains a set of vitamins and minerals that are highly useful in keeping your pet’s basic bodily functions in good shape and form.
Customers loved this product since it helped solvepet issues such as sensitive teeth and upset stomach.

Freshpet Grain Free Fresh Chicken Dog Food Recipe

This is among the fresh baked recipes at Freshpet that comes in re-sealable bags of 3.5lb and 10.5lb. It is a crunchy, grain-free recipe that is made up of 100% fresh chicken, along with healthy amountsof spinach, cranberries, peas, egg whites, sweet potatoes and green tea extract. This recipe is also rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D3, folic acid, and iron proteinate and sodium selenite.
Customers noticed numerous positive effects on their pets such as betterment in the weight and body condition, increased activity level and playfulness.

Nature's Fresh Grain Free Chicken With Carrots & Spinach Dog Food Recipe

This is among the fresh baked recipes at Freshpet that comes in re-sealable bags of 3.5lb and 10.5lb. It is a crunchy, grain-free recipe that is made up of 100% fresh chicken, along with healthy amountsof spinach, cranberries, peas, egg whites, sweet potatoes and green tea extract. This recipe is also rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D3, folic acid, and iron proteinate and sodium selenite.
Customers noticed numerous positive effects on their pets such as betterment in the weight and body condition, increased activity level and playfulness.

Vital Balanced Nutrition Chicken Dog Food Recipe with Peas, Carrots & Brown Rice

This is one of Freshpet’s balanced nutrition slice and serve roll recipe, which is available in 1lb, 2lb and 6lb packing. This recipe uses fresh chicken along with eggs, peas, carrots, brown rice, rice bran, dried kelp, flaxseed oil and inulin. In keeping with Freshpet’s tradition of creating vitamin and mineral-rich recipes, this product also uses a wide variety of these in its making.
Customers praise this recipe for its nutritional value along with the numerous health benefits it has for their pets.
Freshpet’s food remains true to the name of the company in every sense. While making delicious recipes, Freshpet ensures that its customers get food that is full of nourishment for their pets. If you want to make your pets happy and healthy, these are the top Freshpet Pet Food products you need to consider looking into.

Freshpet Dog Food

Freshpet products must be served before expiration date. Also select food from the back of the cooler so that food served to your pooch is fresh and nutritious. A Look at your pets’s food. A Smell it, look at the expiration date, examine it closely, and donate hesitate to call the company to see if there are any other complaints or recalls.


Fresh Pet Healthy Pet Food!

Freshpet Kitchen prepares each recipe using fresh, locally sourced shredded chicken breast and essential vitamins from the fresh new inclusions of carrots and greens, and super fruit, cranberries. Anyone can easily provide the love of a property cooked, high protein, fresh meals to your dog with Freshpet Decide on Fresh from the Kitchen.

Freshpet Dog Food! Always First Choice For My Picky Dogs

Freshpet Dog Food! The only dog food my picky dog will eat!

My Chihuahua Pinkett is a really picky eater. I could never find a food that she would eat readily and enthusiastically. After reading some positive Freshpet Reviews on a pet food forum, I decided to give it a try. And it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my dog! She is happy now and gobbles down the entire bowl within seconds!

Freshpet Dog Food Review! Treats For All Your Lovely Dogs!

Freshpet Dog Food treats are made with protein-rich chicken and wholesome ground oats. Dog Food treats help your dog get the most out of all the healthy foods you feed him.

Informative Freshpet Reviews for Best Dog Shampoos

Freshpet dog food commercial on fresh, all natural pet food

Freshpet Dog Food best choice for your Dogs!

Working at Freshpet in Bethlehem

Freshpet reviews : If you are looking for a growing company that is no longer a startup, then freshpet is a great opportunity, if you can get it. The company still not too big, that it looses touch with its employees to SoPs and all that stuff.  It definietely has a family environment and feel. For me freshpet has always been a positive enabler, if you want to go and achieve something that is. I am quite optimistic about their further organic growth. I come home from work quite satisfied for having done my bit, and there is no bad after-taste of political manipulations that i expereienced in my previous work place.  Read my review of that company! 🙂 I treasure the full-time job security and paid holidays.  Thanks Freshpet.

Freshpet reviews

Freshpet Dog Food

On a trip to Thailand, Alice faced one of her biggest challenges to date. How to take care of a dog who would just collapsed at her feet. Suffering from a host of health issues, Cerebral Palsy, Ehrichiosis and a severe beef allergy, and to top it all malnutrition, Alice took it upon herself to nurse it back to health and give the stray a loving home. It started with getting her to the US, then consultations with nutritionists and finally and most importantly putting her on a healthy diet immediately. Freshpet helped Alice with the healthy diet and more. Long story short, Alice’s Thai friend recovered, became the happiest dog in the state of California.

Freshpet Dog Food


There are thousands of stories just like Alicea’s where pet parents have made the smart choice of feeding their pets fresh and healthy food. Freshpet is a manufacturer of pet food products made from locally reared meats and vegetables. Fresh meat, vegetables and fruits are the only ingredients used in Freshpet recipes. This means no preservatives, dyes and fillers.

Your Pet on a Freshpet Diet

Freshpet Select is wonderful for my dog. He has not had any stomach problems for the last three years  Jackie Buhta

Fresh food can do wonders for your pet. From improved digestion to increased energy levels and overall body condition, fresh meats, fruits and vegetables provide the all important dose of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and antioxidants.

Here are a few changes you can expect to see when you put your pet on a Freshpet diet.

Skin & Coat Heath

Healthy skin and shinier coats are a result of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Dry skin leads to weak hair that easily split and break. If your pet is shedding more than the normal amount of hair, it means it’s not getting its fatty acids.

Stronger Immunity against Infections & Diseases

If you are looking to boost your pet’s immune system, you need to include vitamins and minerals. For instance Freshpet’s Vital Raw range includes real fruits vegetables and ancient grains. All of these ingredients are essential in combating infections and diseases.

Stronger Muscles

As every cell is made up of proteins, it is integral in building tissue, organs, skin, hair and muscles. By repairing damaged cells and making new ones, pet foods should have a healthy dose of protein in their ingredient list. Freshpet Select a range provides pets with delicious recipes of beef and chicken as a perfect source of protein.

Digestion & Elimination

Carbohydrates help with digestion and elimination. As it provides fiber  sometimes referred to as Nature’s Broomstick carbohydrates are necessary as the nutrients need to be absorbed into the body and waste products need to be eliminated. Freshpet offers a healthy dose of carbohydrates with its Nature’s Fresh range.

I like the natural ingredients and it actually smells good. My two dogs really enjoy the taste and it makes a difference knowing they are eating healthy  Rebecca Hutchens


Freshpet Food

Founded on the nutritional philosophy of providing pets healthy and fresh food, Freshpet believes in equality. Pets deserve the same nutrients as pet parents and their families. This simple thought is sometimes the difference between a healthy and a sick pet.


  1. After stumbling on the refrigerator while looking for our regular cat food, I decided to take a chance and offer Sophie something new for dinner from Fresh Pet especially seeing she was having some stomach issues and our Vet suggested a raw diet for her. She gobbled it up and within a few days her stomach issues cleared up and she is back to normal. Who knows but I’m thinking it was all due to the natural and fresh ingredients that Freshpet uses. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. I’ve been feeding my dogs dry food all their lives. Occasionally I would put some wet food in if they weren’t eating it all. I started hearing about grain and gluten free dog foods and since all my dogs (3 seniors, 2 adults) all have a separate issue with food, I put them on one specific brand and got the wet to go with it. I started hearing about Freshpet and decided to give it a try. They all love it! One of my dogs got Bladder Stones and Freshpet was the food I turned to. Two of my other dogs have allergies to gluten so again, I give them this with kibble. Since Freshpet and kibble, my dogs have their appetites back, their coats are shinier and at feeding time, all 5 can’t wait for me to put down their bowls. They love this food and I love that my dogs are eating again. And above all, your food is affordable! Thank you Freshpet. Your food is the best out there by far

    1. Snowball is 12 and was going downhill fast. She refused to eat her dry food and would not touch any of the canned foods either. I even tried several raw diets without any luck. She was practically a skeleton when I decided to give Freshpet a try. She loves this food! Within a month, she had filled out and had her old energy back. Now, six months on Freshpet, she acts like a puppy again. She is fluffier than ever before, has tons of energy, and eagerly asks for her meals every time.

  3. Doesn’t matter what flavor, my Kadi just loves FreshPet Select. For the first time ever, I don’t have to play doctor anymore by putting gravy or canned food on top of her food. She is excited for dinner which is a relief. Now if more stores would start carrying Freshpet, it would be heaven

  4. Our St. Bernard, Sarah is 7 years old and stopped eating. She lost 20 lbs in a very short period of time. She started coughing up blood and we rushed her to the vet only to find out after many tests that she has fast growing lung cancer. The only food that she will eat is Freshpet. Thank you for making food that is both fresh, natural and delicious to help Sarah live her last days enjoying her life

    1. Dear FreshPet,
      My St. Bernard’s were getting really sick from different dog foods even the prescription dog foods were making them sick. We tried everything for them until I finally just started cooking their food and believe me cooking for two St. Bernards isn’t easy. It’s a lot of food. I would have to cook 10 pounds of chicken, two large boxes of rice, three cans of pineapple, three cans of green beans and a large package of carrots every two days. When we saw the Freshpet product in BJ’s, we looked at the ingredients and decided to give it a try. Not thinking that it would work, we gave them a little bit at a time and noticed they were handling it well. When we gave them the full product they, they still did well hallelujah! They love it. It doesn’t make them sick and it keeps me out of the kitchen. Love you guys you’re the best! After three years of searching we finally found you!

  5. My younger Chihuahua is almost 7 years old, and has always been a finicky eater. He has never weighed more than 4.8 lbs, and looks underweight. The vet said it was just his body type. I tried many different foods with him including canned food. He would just pick at his food and never eat a whole meal in one go. It was so frustrating. Finally, I tried FreshPet Select, and he went crazy for it! He has gained an entire pound and looks so healthy. He has maintained the weight for a month now. I am so happy, yet I feel so bad knowing that for almost seven years I kept giving him food he didn’t like. Now he gets excited at meal times and licks his bowl clean! I would definitely recommend this to anyone for their pet. I’ve tried three different flavors and he loves them all. Don’t wait… Treat your pet.

  6. My girls used to stare at their dry kibble and walk away at meal time. I tried adding sour cream, yogurt, hiding treats in their kibble and just adding water to it. One of my girls got a yeast infection in her ear! I then concluded that they needed a good quality moist food. I tried different canned foods but not all of them liked the same one! I also wasn’t impressed with some of the ingredients either! I decided to try your chicken and vegetable chub. All three of them loved it! Sophie has a peanut butter allergy and a beef allergy too. My girls are Belgium Sheppard Lab (Sophie), Lab Newfoundland (Mocha), and Collie Retriever Irish Setter (Heidi) so as you can tell they are big girls with big appetites! I noticed that both Sophie and Mocha had lost weight and have less stiffness in their legs too! They are both 4 years old this month. Heidi is only two. She is more playful and happy now. She had been ignoring her toys for a while but yesterday she brought me a squeaky ball to play fetch with! I use filtered water for them too. After losing my beloved Border Aussie, Pepper and my Lab Chow, Yogi to cancer within four months of each other I decided to buy a filter for my sink and watch what I fed my dogs! I never want to lose another dog to cancer again! Please tell your pet parents to use filtered water for their fur kids and to stay away from ”by products” in their food too! The money they save on cheap food isn’t worth the heartache of losing your best friend early! Pepper was only ten. I think she would have lived longer if I had fed her better food and filtered water! Yogi was eleven. He had epilepsy also since age 1-1/2. Since he was on Phenobarbital every day I had to hide it in something. I tried lunchmeat but it shredded. I tried pill pockets but they were expensive. When his blood work came back with low calcium I was inspired to try cream cheese. It worked! No more wrestling spit out pills into his mouth! I wrapped each one in a cream cheese cocoon and down they went! And more importantly, not as many seizures! As you can tell I dearly love my dogs! I have no children so they are my kids! I only work part time but your food is worth the money. I tried the nuggets in the bag too but they love the chub the best. I cut off a slice and hand shred it onto their dry kibble. If I forget or I’m in a hurry to get to work and nothing gets put on their food they stare at their dish and nose the kibble and then they walk away! Yes, they have me well trained! Thanks for letting me share my dog tale with you! I hope it inspires other pet parents to use your products!

  7. My name is Chris and I love the Boston Terrier breed with all my heart. I grew up with a female named Tasha didn’t know much about dog food quality, when she passed I took a while to be able to accept another Boston into my heart. I moved from New Orleans to Florida and needed a friend so I chose to find a Boston Terrier rescue anywhere I could. That’s when I met my Gentleman Pete from a shelter “Canine Castaways” in a small SWFl town, Arcadia. The Foster Mom told me about Freshpet and how she mixed it with his dry food. Once I found out her brand, I had been well educated in Dog food content and my breeds nutrition needs so I’ll just say she was feeding him corn & tree bark! I said never again, you are getting the best, so I lay down a base layer of small dry kibble bites with a high protein content then flake off the Freshpet with a fork just how he likes it, he wants a kind of Doggy Gumbo. We are sooo loyal to this brand any coupons or gifts would help Pete and I greatly. Ruff!

    1. Dear FreshPet,
      Freshpet is a luxury I never thought I would have when I first adopted my dog. She wandered up to me in Thailand and collapsed at my feet from severe malnutrition. Two more days and she would’ve died. Over the next few months, I prepared her for her journey to the US as I nursed her back to health. It wasn’t easy, because she suffers from cerebral palsy, ehrlichiosis, and a beef allergy. Now she’s healthier than she ever was in her life. I can’t do much about her disability, but I spoil her rotten with food. The problem initially was that she grew up on table scraps and garbage in rural Thailand and didn’t recognize dog food as food. Kibble, wet food, canned food, every brand, every flavor, she wouldn’t budge. After two years of nutritional consultation and making her meals myself, I picked up this product by pure chance and she LOVES it. Saves time, saves money, satisfies my very critical eye with fresh and healthy ingredients, and keeps the most spoiled dog in California very happy.

  8. My three Papillons were not such good eaters with their grain free dry food. They would graze during the day but I would throw out a good amount of uneaten food daily. Then I discovered Freshpet varieties which I added into the dry food… now they leave me nothing but empty bowls. My older dog Gizmo, makes sure to give me a “gentle reminder” when his bowl is empty by taking his paw and flipping the bowl!!! I have to say that they do not have any digestive issues with this product and have a little extra pep in their step!

  9. I fed my pugs Science Diet for a long time. Thinking it was the healthier of the bagged pet foods variety. But it is still full of fillers, and my dogs would have to be starving to eat it. Since making the switch to Freshpet Select… my Pugs do not leave one speck of food! They love it, love meal time, and I’m sure love me more for it. Because after all… I wouldn’t want to eat food that I didn’t enjoy… why should your pets be forced to eat food they don’t enjoy!

  10. Dear Freshpet,
    My dog Max is 15 months old. Since I got him a little over a year ago, I have struggled to find a dog food he would eat. Feeding Max has always been a challenge that involved hand feeding, tempting him with treats, mixing it with broth, and switching foods at least a few times a month. Often he would go without eating and become sick. After seeing Freshpet on TV, I finally decided to give it a try. I went to my local grocery store which luckily carries the brand, picked up a bag, brought it home and put some in his food bowl. Finally Max was excited to eat. If you are struggling to feed your dog, please try Freshpet. I know how frustrating it can be to have a dog that you have to beg to eat. Finally, I know what it’s like to have a dog who is excited to eat. Big thanks to the Freshpet crew! Max likely would have starved himself without you!

  11. Dear FreshPet,
    I have a pug who will be 4 years old in July. She has been a very sick dog her entire life. She would vomit every day, she had major hair loss, rashes and pimples all over her skin. Also, her skin was turning black. I tried so many different dog foods thinking she had a food allergy. After having an assessment done on her for food and environmental triggers as well as probable health concerns, I found out that she had a fungus that has taken over her digestive track! All the foods I have ever tried were only feeding the fungus. My last resort was to try Freshpet since it was grain free and low carbohydrate. Basically this food would starve the fungus. She has been eating this for 1 month now and what a big difference it has made. She no longer throws up, she has more energy, she wants to play again, and she has lost the yeasty body odor !!!!!! Thank you so much Freshpet for saving my dogs life. She will be a Freshpet Dog Food Reviews the rest of her life.
    Thank you so much!!

  12. Dear FreshPet,
    I started out with the small portion of Freshpet Select thinking it is probably going to be just another food that my dog may or may not like and eventually give up on it. But Nope, my dog LOVES this food plus she doesn’t have the continual diarrhea that seems to go with the other foods. Thank you for making Chloe’s life so much better.
    Mark A.
    Tacoma, WA –

  13. Max is 15 months old and one of the pickiest eaters ever. It has always been hard for me to feed him. I have changed brands, food types, mixed his food with broth, hand fed him, given him treats, in short I have tried every trick in the book but nothing worked. He would go without food, losing weight, worrying me even more. I saw Freshpet on TV and decided to buy it. I wish I had known earlier, Max simply loved it. My message for all pet parents out there is, if you have a picky eater, simply try Freshpet. I know how it is when you have a picky eater at home. I just want to thank Freshpet because if it weren’t for you, Max would have probably starved himself.

  14. Feeding time can be tricky when you have two or more dogs. We have two and one is very picky eater while the other will eat just about anything. Buying treats that they would both eat was always a challenge.My dogs can’t get enough! Every time I open the fridge they come running over hoping its snack time! I also love the fact that these treats are nutritious and healthy! Thanks Freshpet!

  15. I am writing this letter on behalf of my dogs and myself. We truly appreciate you making such great product. What make you stand apart is the natural, fresh and wholesome ingredients that you use in your food. By the way, it smells delicious. Both of my dogs are in love with Freshpet, they love the taste and I love the fact knowing that I am feeding them the best dog food.


  16. I’m not sure why pet parents give peanut butter to their dogs but anyways I’m a not a big fan of feeding my buddy peanut butter. And I don’t need to since I feed him Freshpet. I love the fact that its available at our local Petsmart. One thing I haven’t seen your customers talk about in the letters section is that amazing organic frozen yogurt you make for the dogs. Guys seriously you should try Wag-gurt. Thank me later!

  17. I am a new customer of Freshpet dog food and I am very happy and satisfied so far. I have 3 dogs and they’re your biggest fans. Before Freshpet, they were on an expensive dry food but then I guess they got bored or something as they wouldn’t eat it anymore. So I mixed Freshpet in their bowl and they started eating again. They actually went nuts. In the beginning I was a bit hesitant and apprehensive how’d the new diet affect their teeth, but since Freshpet isn’t typically wet therefore I really like it. My dogs are more energetic today than they’ve been ever before. They get excited for meal times now. After feeding Freshpet, I started doing research on your recipes and most of the reviews were positive, so I was at ease. I’ve always been picky about what my dogs can or cannot eat. Before Freshpet, I was buying dog food only from specialty pet stores but Freshpet is available at our local Target, therefore it saves me a lot of travelling too.

  18. I have two dogs and I have always fed them raw. However, I am a traveling salesperson and therefore need to travel a lot. Raw doesn’t always work for me and I was looking for dry food, especially while I was travelling. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure that raw diet alone was enough for my dogs. Before Freshpet, I was always on the lookout for the perfect, balanced and fresh diet for my dogs and whatever I tried turned out to be a disappointment in the end. I was feeding my dogs Freshpet refrigerated recipes when I realized that you make dry food too, I grabbed a bag. I wasn’t sure how the two would react but as soon as I put down the bowl, it was gone. Just like that, in a flash. I had to refill the bowl again. So two thumbs up to the dry food. Now I don’t have to worry about the mess while travelling. Thanks guys!

  19. Freshpet has changed the life of my very picky eater and it has changed my life for the better too. Now I have more time for myself since I don’t have to cook for my dog anymore. Freshpet is as good as (if not better) home cooked food.

  20. Dear Freshpet,

    I am so happy that I found your products at our local Target. My dog had stopped eating and was losing weight fast. He was becoming lethargic and wasn’t himself anymore. He absolutely hated the canned food that I gave him and it was an expensive brand. I bought different flavors thinking that he got bored of eating the same flavor but he was still not eating. Then I tried Freshpet; in the hindsight I should have bought Freshpet earlier, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. Freshpet was an instant hit with Tango. Tango is a happy dog again and I am even happier. Great job guys and keep up the good work.

  21. Dear Freshpet,
    I just wanted to let you know how much my cat loves your products. She enjoys her meals now more than ever before.

    Thanks and two-thumbs up!

  22. My 7 year old Jack who is a Basset Hound absolutely hates dry kibble. We tried feeding him everything available in the market, but he just never developed taste for dry food. I was left with no other choice but to cook for him myself but that was very time consuming and with a busy work schedule it was not a long term solution. It was also not a feasible solution financially since I was buying ground beef and turkey for Jack, which was getting expensive. I shop at our local Price Chopper and that’s where I saw your products. Jack loves your food and wouldn’t touch anything else. Thanks Freshpet for helping me and Jack!

  23. We’ve been giving our two corgis Freshpet for about 3 months now and they have no stomach issues like they used to before. One of them, Shorty, was a picky eater before. We used to struggle with feeding him since he wouldn’t eat his food and then he would vomit. Now he runs around barking like crazy in the morning waiting for his Freshpet! He is also a lot healthier than he was before and is much more enthusiastic. Thank you so much Freshpet for giving me food as amazing as this! My dogs LOVES you!

  24. We were worried we were going to have to cook food for our Yorkie since he had completely rejected all dog foods. We went through about 7 different brands until we finally tried Freshpet’s Vital. We were amazed at how much he loved it and left us alone while we ate, not begging for human food anymore. Thanks so much for making a dog food that’s not gelatinous. I can’t blame my Yorkie for being grossed out by those other brands. The amount of preservatives and lack of quality ingredients in other brands make them impossible for animals to want to eat and then even digest. Thank you Freshpet for creating a food that could easily pass as human food as well. It not only looks great, it tastes great too! Well, our Yorkie certainly loves it!

  25. When I got my dog from the local shelter, I never anticipated he would have food allergies and, likely, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I realized now that I needed to change his diet to something far healthier than canned food. So I decided to give Freshpet a try. After eating Freshpet for a while, his tummy has gotten better and he is quite fit now. Thank you Freshpet!

  26. When I first got Max, my main goal was to feed him a quality diet… This meant no unhealthy table scraps, no low-grade dog food, and no unnatural ingredients. Little did I know that Max would be such a picky-eater. In fact, he would eat so little that he would often become sick. I felt terrible because I knew Max felt terrible. Then I decided to start him on Freshpet food. And he LOVES it! He gobbles it all up within minutes!

  27. You probably get this all the time but I must say that your product line is different from the rest. It is better! My dogs also agree with me. I had a senior dog last year who would only eat Freshpet in his last days. He gained his appetite back and was a happy dog even in his last days. Even after he was gone, I kept getting Freshpet for my other dogs, including food and treats. They simply love Turkey jerky. I just wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done for my dogs.

  28. I am one big happy customer and fan of your products and so is my dog, Sita. Freshpet and Sita are like hand in glove, made for each other. She wouldn’t eat anything else and I would never feed her anything except Freshpet.

  29. I just bought Freshpet Select for the very first time and while I write this letter I can see my pretty Chihuahua devour it like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks guys, I think I’m sticking around with you guys.

  30. Dear Freshpet,
    Your food is great especially for dogs with allergies. I also like the way you guys package your stuff. It helps me use what is needed and then freeze the left over. There is no wastage.
    Thanks for making such good food!

  31. My dog is very picky too. I am glad we tried this dog food but I got him the Freshpet Select (fresh from the kitchen) it only lasts him 5days maybe I should try that next time. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Fiona is an 8-year-old Yorkie who is an extremely picky eater. She has always been like this. She eats all types of foods, raw, moist and dry but only for a specific time. Since she wasn’t eating properly, her weight wasn’t right and she was sluggish. We saw Freshpet’s ad on Facebook and bought a bag. She simply loved it. This was 3 years ago and her love for Freshpet is still the same. Her coat is shinier and she is full of life and energy. The sparkle in her eye and spring in her step is something you should see to believe what Freshpet has done to her. So Thanks Freshpet and keep up the good work.

  33. Hi there, You’ve performed a great job. I will definitely digg it and in my opinion recommend to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this web site.

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